About us

We started our journey  with a motto of delivering best possible software and research solutions to our customers and ensuring their satisfaction. SV Research & Technologies specializes in understanding research oriented tasks of our clients with an assurance of best possible service on time.

Research Solutions

If you are looking for research paper publication services, project dissertation writing guidance, problem identification and topic selection for your thesis or any other service related to your research, then SV Research & Technologies is your landing-place. We also provide projects and thesis guidance globally to graduate, post graduate and Ph.D. pursuing students.

Having good publication record is an essential thing for specially to grow in academic career, also it throws a positive impact on interviewers in different interviews. To publish the research work is a core phase in the research process. We will provide you the full support to take your research into the submission in a well suited journal based on the research domain. Our aim is to publish your research work in Scopus Indexed, SCI Indexed journals, e.g., IEEE, ELSEVIER, SPRINGER etc.

Types of Research

Basic Research
Quantitative / Qualitative Research
Interdisciplinary Research
Applied Research

Consultancy Services

We offer software development related training programs like ‘C’ Programming, JAVA, MATLAB, Python, R language platform technologies and so on. The students who joined for mini project or major project work implementation in the Institute will get the required training will be provided. By learning the technologies related to the project the student is able to implement and execute their project on their own. We offer weekend trainings. Hands on experience also provided in the training program.

We offer Internship programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students. We offer the Internship Program for the students with duration of 6 months or 3 months or 1 month depends on their project work and domain. The work done by the student during the Internship Program may be allowed to submit as their mini project work at their college.

Types of Consultancy Services

Application Development
Software Development
Algorithmic Development
Research Solutions