We started our journey in 2016 with a motto of delivering best possible software and research solutions to our customers and ensuring their satisfaction. SV Research & Technologies specializes in understanding research oriented tasks of our clients with an assurance of best possible service on time. We also provide projects and thesis guidance globally to graduate, post graduate and Ph.D.pursuing students.

If you are looking for research paper publication services, project dissertation writing guidance, problem identification and topic selection for your thesis or any other service related to your research, then SV Research & Technologies is your landing-place.

Research Areas

   Mathematical modeling


Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology
  1. Data Mining/Text Mining
          2. Machine Learning
          3. Pattern Recognization 
          4. Cloud/Distributed/soft/parallel Computing
          5. Security(Network/Web/System/Cloud/Data) 
          6. Cryptography 
          7. Big data analytics
          8. Cyber Security