Internship Programs:-

We offer Internship programs for UG and PG students. We create an environment where the student can work on real time projects and gain the knowledge. They can work along with the project teams and share their ideas with them. We provide the required trainings for learning the new technologies where they can apply their knowledge to develop the project or product.

We offer the Internship Program for the students with duration of 6 months or 3 months or 1 month depends on their project work. The students who contribute in the funded projects will get the honorarium from that project.

Selected students only offer the Internships in the specified areas. The students must complete the internship program on time. Certificates will be given to the students who complete Internship Program on time.

The Internship Program duration may be extended based on the performance of the students or requirement of the project. The work done by the student during the Internship Program may be allowed to submit as their mini project work or Main Project work at their college.