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Terms and Conditions for www.svrtresearch.com

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The terms, “Terms and conditions”, “T&C”, “Policy” shall indicate the Agreement and all policies that you agree to in mutual agreement by accessing our website.

“We”, “Our”, “www.svrtresearch.com ” shall mean SV Research & Technologies, a company incorporated under the laws of India.

“You”, “Your” refers to all who are the users of the site. “User” is anyone who is visiting or accessing the Website.

“Third Party” refers to any body other than the “User” of the “Website”.

“Website” shall mean www.svrtresearch.com, that is the domain owned and controlled by SV Research & Technologies.

“Content” refers to any text, image, photograph, icon, graphic, video, audio, or all forms of data which are available on the website www.svrtresearch.com.

“Your Content”, “User’s Content”, indicates to any content submitted at the time of registration, or in connection with the Site.

About svrtresearch.com

SV Research & Technologies specializes in understanding research oriented tasks of our clients with an assurance of best possible service on time. We also provide projects and thesis guidance globally to graduate, post graduate and Ph.D. pursuing students. If you are looking for research paper publication services, project dissertation writing guidance,problem identification and topic selection for your thesis or any other service related to your research, then SV Research & Technologies is your landing-place. The Domain Name www.svrtresearch.com is owned by SV Research & Technologies, a Company Incorporated under The Companies Act, 1956, with its office at BHEL, Lingampally Hyderabad-500019.

When You use any of our services offered through www.svrtresearch.com, you will be subject to the rules, regulations, policies and all T & C’s. We reserve the right to modify,add or remove any part of this Terms of Use without giving any prior notice to you. It is your responsibility to periodically go through the Terms of Use and update yourself with any modifications that may be made.

Browsing or using the website intimates your Agreement to all the Terms and Conditions which are explicitly specified.

General Terms

Any of the content presented on this site, including images, audio, video, HTML code,buttons, and text, may not be copied, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any form, without the prior written permission of www.svrtresearch.com.

Content On The Website

You agree and understand that www.svrtresearch.com and the Website merely provides hosting services to persons accessing www.svrtresearch.com. www.svrtresearch.com also does not give any guarantee about the quality, reliability or suitability for use of the products and services sold or exchanged using the www.svrtresearch.com.

Additional Terms & Conditions

All Users must accept and agree to the following:

No plagiarized content will be shared.

No filthy, vulgar or offensive content will be shared.

No racist content shall be shared on the website which can hurt the feelings of another party.

Use of www.svrtresearch.com by the User does not violate any
local/Domestic/Federal/National Laws and acknowledges that any action of any Law Enforcement Agency or an Government Body which seizes/intercepts or in any other manner intervenes the delivery of liability of www.svrtresearch.com.

Term and Termination

These Terms will remain effective while you are a user of www.svrtresearch.com.

You may cease to be a User at any time, for any reason, effective upon receipt by www.svrtresearch.com of your written or email notice of termination.

www.svrtresearch.com may at any time, cancel the agreement with you, deny you access to the Website and remove your content hosted on third party sites on provision of fair notice.

Governing Law

The website (“www.svrtresearch.com”) and the terms contained herein are governed by the laws of India.

Intellectual Property Rights

www.svrtresearch.com does not claim possession of any of the intellectual property rights contained on the website, unless the content has been generated by
www.svrtresearch.com. Any content generated by www.svrtresearch.com for and as a result of an order or service purchased by the user shall rest with www.svrtresearch.com including but not confined to the Intellectual Property Rights over matters so created.

Additional Terms

www.svrtresearch.com is not an agent, employee or partner of the User and is an independent entrepreneur.

These terms of service may be revised from time to time to give better services. It shall be the User’s responsibility to familiarize himself with the modified Terms of Service.

Dispute Resolution: All disputes will be resolved in the courts in Hyderabad.

Any grievances, queries, complaints or information that you wish to communicate to us can be addressed to the details provided at the CONTACT US at www.svrtresearch.com/contact.html, provided on our Website.